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Safeguarding your Revenue Streams through industry-leading pipeline monitoring, covering control, instrumentation, safety, and pipeline leak detection

Pipeline monitoring
and control with
detailed asset

Pipelines make up a significant part of the global energy infrastructure, covering vast distances and varying geographical terrains. Such large systems demand continuous monitoring for safe and reliable operations. This often requires real-time integration of different instruments, controllers, and safety systems on top of applications for analysis and leak or theft detection

Pipeline SCADA

Pipeline SCADA highlights

INTECH’s pipeline SCADA systems are a comprehensive solution including panels and JBs, customized software, and historian applications.

  • We provide rugged Remote Terminal Units & Controllers for harsh conditions.
  • Our custom-built HMIs are intuitive to use for each application.
  • We can integrate with historians and Alarm and Event (A&E) repositories.
  • Our solutions can be integrated into any DCS or CCR infrastructure either directly or remotely over telecom/GPRS.
  • We have customizable visualization applications with video-wall monitoring and reporting setups.
  • Our software-based leak-detection systems can detect leakages, losses, and theft.

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Pipeline SCADA

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