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Competency Management

Enabling employee development and driving performance excellence

Integrated Talent Management

INTECH has a designated Competency & Knowledge Management department in place which ensures that we hire the brightest and best talent. The main objective of the Competency & Knowledge department is to increase overall employee productivity and satisfaction. We help in developing our employees’ skill sets and make sure they get exposure to emerging technologies.

Our employees get a chance to work with multi-functional teams comprising of experienced project managers and peers and learn up-to-date knowledge about different industries and get hands-on experience about our products and safety requirements etc. INTECH uses a training requisition tool to manage training requests, document schedules, updates, and provide insights. The competencies are developed after consolidating both PM’s & employee’s feedback

Integrated Control Systems


  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Internal & External Trainings
  • Employee Development Programs
  • Compliance with Regulatory Requirements
  • Training Effectiveness Evaluations
  • Increasing Employee Satisfaction

Our Engineers’ Journey

Our engineers are the most important resources for fulfilling our value delivery promise and we ensure that we have the best retention strategies in place for them. For strengthening their capabilities, INTECH invests heavily in training and development. Engineers at INTECH go through numerous trainings; OEM/vendor systems, industry standards, third-party certifications, HSE, personal development and get refresher courses each year as well.

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