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Do you want to join a global team of amazing people who are passionate about our core values?
Do you want to solve customers’ problems and make an impact on the world?

Then INTECH is the right place for you!

What we do?

INTECH helps keep the world moving by providing automation infrastructure and software to the world’s top Energy and Manufacturing companies. We utilise the technology and knowledge within our Automation and Industrial Intelligence Solutions (IIS) divisions to cover the entire industrial automation and software stack from sensors up to enterprise analytics


We have an exceptional culture, driven by our core values, that encourages entrepreneurial thinking and gives significant autonomy to all individuals.

Technology & Solutions

Our technology and solutions are at the cutting-edge of sensors, automation, electrical infrastructure, remote industrial operations, distributed software systems, analytics, and artificial intelligence, among other areas.

Career Growth

We provide all our employees with opportunities for career growth. INTECH is not a place where the red carpet is rolled out for you. But if you are an ambitious go-getter, you will discover the opportunities available to you and have the chance to take it.

Our Core Values

Curiosity - Always be learning

The desire to seek out knowledge is perhaps the most fundamental principle of progress. Curious individuals are always learning – on their own, with their colleagues, and in their communities.

Customer focus - Create significant Customer value

In a world with ever-increasing competition, creating customer value is the primary decider of success. Simple as that. We must act as if the customer is always peering over our shoulder, wondering what value we are creating for them.

Data-Informed - Seek truth through evidence

Take decisions on more than gut feel by seeking evidence to support your beliefs. More information frequently results in better outcomes.

Excellence - Deliver only to the highest standard

Set a high quality bar and hold yourself and your colleagues accountable to it. Then, push that bar higher and higher, ensuring that we constantly improve.

Innovation - Promote and implement new ideas

To stay ahead of others, we must continuously innovate and bring new ideas to the table. A lack of innovation leads to stagnation, and stagnation is the precursor to a company’s downfall.

Ownership - Lead by taking action

The entrepreneurial spirit that drives our company is driven by individuals’ desire to take initiative and ownership. Each one of us is given a platform to demonstrate our talent through positive action and delivery.

Talent Centric - Hire and develop the best

The company is only as good as its people. That’s why we go to great lengths to ensure we only invite the best to join our team, and then develop them into leaders or subject matter experts.

Join us

Let’s do awesome things together!

Hiring Process

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