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Automation Engineer

Saudi Arabia · Full-time

About The Position

  • Works under the Lead Engineer or directly under the Project Manager or TAM to execute assigned tasks related to the project 
  • Responsible for DCS/PLC/RTU/ESD/SCADA programming and HMI development
  • Responsible for system design, hardware (panel, hydraulic, pneumatic, instrumentation, electrical, network etc.) design and software design under supervision of PM/Project Lead
  • Responsible to develop and use engineering tools/processes to ensure efficient development and quality of project deliverables under supervision of PM/Project Lead
  • Develops project related documentation
  • Provides support remotely or in person for internal testing and FAT in KSA or any other part of the world, independently or under direct/remote support of PM/Project Lead
  • Carries out site work in any part of the world
  • Travel to any other INTECH office around the world on company’s assignment
  • Maintains/ manages query lists for all internal as well as customer related queries when working directly under the Project Manager
  • Ensures that there is only one turn around for all the deliverable, i.e. the quality of task done by him is such that it needs just a brief review of PM / Project Lead to finalize the task
  • Ensures that the deliverables meet all criteria of good engineering practices and conform to international as well as Intech’s standards
  • Ensures that all deadlines are met.
  • Responsible for overall satisfaction of PM/ Team Lead with the quality of the assigned tasks
  • Finds solutions to the technical problems related to the project
  • Responsible for enforcement of Company QMS and safety standards on all assigned tasks
  • Responsible for reporting the time in Project Serve


This position is for Saudi Nationals only.

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