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Materials and Welding Engineer

Pakistan · Full-time · Intermediate

About The Position

We are seeking a highly motivated and experienced Materials and Welding Engineer. The primary goal of the role is to ensure that appropriate welding procedures are developed and implemented, and that welding operations are conducted safely, efficiently, and in compliance with industry standards and regulations.


  • Develop and implement a Supplier Document Numbering System (SDNS) to ensure that all materials and welding-related documents are properly tracked, organized, and accessible.
  • Provide technical support and guidance to suppliers and internal teams on SDNS-related issues.
  • Lead welding coordination activities, including developing and implementing welding procedures, overseeing welding operations, and ensuring compliance with quality standards and regulations.
  • Conduct audits and inspections to ensure compliance with ISO 3834-2 and/or ISO 14731:2006 standards, and provide guidance and support to address any issues or deficiencies.
  • Analyze welding-related issues and develop solutions to improve efficiency and quality.
  • Stay up-to-date with advances in welding technology and industry standards, and incorporate new techniques and processes as appropriate.
  • Develop and implement welding procedures and techniques for joining metals and other materials, including writing, and approving WPS and PQRs.


  • Bachelor’s/ Master Degree in Engineering or Diploma as an International Welding Engineer (IWE).
  • 10 years of work experience in developing and implementing a Supplier Document Numbering System (SDNS) for materials and welding-related documents.
  • Familiarity with industry standards and regulations related to materials and welding, such as ASTM, ASME, and API.
  • Experience in writing and approving WPS and PQRs.
  • Ability to manage multiple projects and priorities, and work independently or as part of a team.

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