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Enhanced Reliability and Availability Emergency Shutdown Pump Protection System for a petrochemical facility

Saudi Arabia is known for its natural resources especially oil. The customer is the world’s largest petrochemicals manufacturers, with an overall production capacity of 69 million metric tons in 2011. The customer also has a ... Read more

Engineering, Design and Supply of Integrated Control & Safety System (ICSS) and Hydraulic Wellhead Control Panel (WHCP) for condensate processing facility

The customer had initiated the development of a condensate processing complex, located in Block 0’s Area C, in offshore Nigeria. The project was expected to monetize approximately 100,000 barrels per day of oil, condensate ... Read more

Main Automation Contractor for Onshore Central Oil Processing Facility Expansion Project

Kazakhstan, a country rich in natural resources, has oil reserves that are estimated to be 1.635 million bbl./day (2011 est.) and natural gas of about 20.2 billion cubic meter (2011 est.). The customer is a vertically ... Read more

Integrated Control and Safety System for an onshore gas production facility

Venezuela ranks as the fifth largest oil exporting country in the world with reserves of heavy crude oil that are estimated to be 99.4 billion barrels approx. as of 2010. Two well-known fields in Venezuela are The Mariscal ... Read more

Integrated Control and Safety System for an offshore barge facility

Olero Creek is a swamp that is located in the Delta State which is about 200 kilometers northwest of Port Harcourt. Olero Creek has a flow stations system which is operated by the customer that consists of four barge-mounted ... Read more

Integrated Control & Safety System for a gas processing facility

The customer operated Gas Field is located in the south-west of the Kohat Basin.There are about seven development wells on the field. Extracted fluid is processed through one of the facilities at Manzalia Gas Field and a ... Read more

Main Automation Contractor on a Gas Extraction Facility

In Lake Kivu on the border between the Republic of Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo, some 300 km3 of dissolved carbon dioxide and 50 – 60 km3 of methane gas is accumulated and trapped at significant depth in the lake. ... Read more

Refinery Control System Upgrade Project

The facility is located in southern Kuwait approximately 60 km from Kuwait City. The refinery occupies an area of 7.9 sq. km. It has a processing capacity of 270 MBPD. The customer wanted to upgrade obsolete automation system ... Read more

Engineering, design and supply of Integrated Control and Safety System for LNG export terminal

Pascagoula, Mississippi is home to some of the major oil & gas E&Ps in the world. Pascagoula is comprised of both public and private terminals out of which one private terminal belongs to the customer. The terminal ... Read more

Design, Engineering, Supply and Startup Commissioning of pipeline SCADA system

Ecuador produces about 500,000 barrels of crude oil per day (bpd) from fields in the northern Amazon regions of Sucumbios, Napo and Orellana. The scope of the project consisted of three multiple well islands each with ... Read more

Engineering, design, supply and Installation of multiple SCADA stations at remote wellhead sites. Technical support services for data integration at Central Control System, setup & configuration of Process Historian and startup commissioning of SCADA system

The field located in Indonesia is spread over 11,000 sq. km with various remote collection stations with an overall production of about 400,000 bpd.  INTECH’s customer, who is a major part of the Indonesian economy, is an ... Read more

Supply, Design and Engineering of Integrated Control and Safety System for an offshore facility

The location is approximately 100 miles southeast of Lagos and 37 miles west of Warri. The plant processes approx. 680 million standard cubic feet of natural gas per day. The customer had planned a Gas Gathering & ... Read more

Main Automation Contractor for Integrated Control and Safety System and Monitoring System for Gas processing facility

The customer was expanding its existing gas processing facility and treating complex in Cabinda Province (Angola). The plant had a capacity of 25 million cubic feet per day.This complex helps the customer eliminate flaring of ... Read more

Instrumentation, Control& Electrical Operations and Maintenance Services

The customer at the location is the largest producer of crude oil and natural gas in Angola and the first to produce in the deep-water. The customer is an operator of two concessions, off the west coast of Angola. INTECH has ... Read more

Integrated Control and Safety System, High Integrity Pressure Protection System, Wellhead Hydraulic Control Panel for gas processing plant

Trinidad and Tobago are islands that are located between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, northeast of Venezuela. These locations are well known for their liquefied natural gas, oil and petrochemicals. The oil ... Read more

Control System Commissioning & Maintenance Services FPSO

The customer is operator of Nigeria’s largest deep-water oil field.  The field is located nearly 1,500 meters off the central Niger Delta. The customer operated FPSO is located 70 miles (113 kilometers) offshore the Niger ... Read more

Safety & Instrumented System (SIS) for an Oil Terminal

In terms of proven crude oil reserves in the world, Iraq is amongst the fifth largest in the world. In terms of total petroleum liquids, Iraq was the world’s largest producer in 2012. The Oil Terminal is an offshore deep sea ... Read more