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Digital Solutions

Software-based proprietary and third-party solution implementation, integration, and services to help you transition into Industry 4.0 and stay competitive in a rapidly progressing technology landscape

Leveraging your data to achieve operational excellence

INTECH’s solutions help you achieve maximum value from your existing data, assets, and personnel with reduced operating costs and better security. We offer specialized services and applications that facilitate organizations’ transition into Industry 4.0 by providing Industrial Intelligence, Analytics, and Operations Management

Products & Solutions

Unlock the full potential of your data with INTECH’s suite of innovative digital solutions for staying ahead in a competitive and rapidly changing industry.

Industrial Analytics

Transforming disparate data into actionable information for better integration, visibility, and control

Industrial Operations

Achieve unmatched operational efficiency, productivity, and profitability through data-led transformation

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Stay ahead of the competition with INTECH's Digital Solutions

Deep-Rooted Industry Expertise

We have nearly 30 years of experience & expertise in the complete lifecycle of OT systems design, deployment, management, and upgrades.

Multi-disciplinary Team

Expertise in process, functional safety, reliability, data sciences, business intelligence, software & application development, and cybersecurity.

Lifecycle Management

We provide solutions that cover all stages of your operations from greenfield facilities to legacy and brownfield installations.

Thorough Integration

We provide last mile coverage for IIOT Solution implementation across all automation layers and integration with business systems.

Collaborative Engagement

We work with our customers in a consultative manner, from identifying the right solutions in early design, development & implementation stages.

Strategic Partnership Network

We are partnered with industry leaders for analytics, business intelligence, and data science; combining their research with our domain expertise

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Challenges organizations face while implementing digital transformation

With the evolution of increasingly self-driven automation systems and the advent of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), companies have constantly progressed towards reducing human interaction in their everyday operations. Operators who were once responsible for manually operating valves and switches, adjusting process parameters, and monitoring safety, now merely keep checks while the plant’s DCS runs everything.

Industrial automation has brought plants to a point where the human element is limited to managing workflows, monitoring production, and reporting. And so, while a plant can work away incessantly, its full potential could remain undiscovered through the inefficient reporting systems still in use by plant personnel.

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