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Competency Management

Enabling employee development and driving performance excellence

Integrated Talent Management

Our specialists work in cross-collaboration with employees with automation, process, data management, analytics, and security backgrounds. This ensures that employees are continually growing in their own as well as multi-disciplinary domains as well in various projects. Our employees get to work directly with customers and their systems from various regions, industries, and environments.

INTECH uses a training requisition tool to manage training requests, document schedules, updates, and provide insights. The competency frameworks for each type of specialist are developed after consolidating analysis from market intelligence and a training program is developed based on that.



  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Internal & External Trainings
  • Employee Development Programs
  • Compliance with Regulatory Requirements
  • Training Effectiveness Evaluations
  • Increasing Employee Satisfaction

Our Engineers’ Journey

Our engineers are certified and trained on the products, tools, and technology stacks used to develop world-class solutions and actively participate in internal and external technology workshops and trainings. INTECH provides its engineers with diverse experience by giving them exposure to working with complex customer teams, various industry sectors, equipment, systems, tools, technologies, and environments which enhances their skill sets.

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