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Digital Operations

Advanced software solutions for managing digital operations and optimizing performance for applications ranging from alarm management and condition monitoring to facility management

As technology improves, the amount of options you have to improve your facilities’ performance scales exponentially, which can lead to significant cost savings if utilized properly but can also leave you far behind your competitors if not capitalized on; our digital operations management solutions ensure that your operations run smoothly and profitably while keeping you ahead of all competitors

Key Highlights

Digital Operations

Deep-Rooted Industry Expertise

We are a leading system integrator in oil & energy automation for nearly 30 years and have extensive expertise in the complete lifecycle of OT systems design, deployment, management, and upgrades.

Thorough Integration

We provide last mile coverage for IIOT Solution implementation across all automation layers and integration with business systems.

Collaborative Engagement

We work with our customers in a consultative manner, from identifying the right solutions in early design, development & implementation stages to maintaining the systems and providing value propositions in long term.

Operations' Lifecycle Management

We provide solutions that cover all stages of your operations from greenfield facilities to legacy and brownfield installations.

Strategic Partnership Network

We are partnered with the leading companies around the world, we combine their research with our domain expertise for the most comprehensive solutions.

Multi-disciplinary Team

Our teams have expertise in process, functional safety, reliability, data sciences, business intelligence, software and application development, and cybersecurity.

Digital Operations Management Offerings

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Advanced Alarm Analytics

Advanced Alarm Analytics

The number of process parameters that can be tracked and measured had grown from a few hundred tags in the early days of industrial control systems to tens of thousands of tags across distributed control systems for an entire facility. This information while extremely useful, can often become overwhelming and burdensome if it isn’t properly configured and stored, the leading issue being alarms and events for these data points. Moreover, as equipment ages, many setpoints shift due to wearing and erosion, which adds to alarm noise and clutter. These distractions can be bothersome for managers who might overlook key performance issues, and downright disastrous for operators who might miss critical alarms.

INTECH’s alarm analytics are a result of the evolution of our Alarm Management Systems, these solutions feature our standard alarm management product complete with rationalization, dynamic suppression, and reporting. Additionally, our solution suite has evolved to take this data up the enterprise layer and show advanced historical and real-time analytics for detailed reviews.


  • Alarm Philosophy Development
  • Alarm Analytics
  • Process Safety KPI Tracking
  • Alarm Rationalization Consultancy
  • Alarm Changes Implementation Services

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