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Condition Based Monitoring & Maintenance

Analyzing and protecting your assets for maximized facility uptime and productivity

condition based
monitoring & maintenance
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Maintenance of process and production equipment has always been one of the more costly overheads that plant managers must deal with. INTECH Process Automation helps address these concerns with its extensive condition-based monitoring solution portfolio of hardware-based monitoring and protection systems, and software-based analytics and optimization applications

Enhance asset, personnel, & environmental protection
Reduce assets’ downtime


Improve work and spare planning
Predict assets’ useful life
Identify faults and causes

The struggle to balance expensive early equipment replacements and potential risks of failures and unforeseen production downtimes is a constant source of concern for all facility managers. With the advent of IIoT and smart devices, it has become much easier to monitor multiple parameters like:

  • Operating condition deviation
  • Vibration
  • Temperature
  • Noise across multiple devices
Condition Monitoring

Condition Based Monitoring & Maintenance highlights

The investment to monitor parameters has come down significantly with the availability of relatively cheap sensors. This has brought forth a wave of smart and intelligence-based condition monitoring solutions that make it much easier to reliably predict machine failures, optimize maintenance schedules to reduce maintenance and replacement costs without unplanned shutdowns.

  • Online and offline condition monitoring: our solutions can be optimized to perform both real-time analyses from live data, and analyze recorded data from a variety of offline monitoring devices
  • Analytics and Dashboards: Our application teams can show your analyses and insights in extremely detailed and user-friendly dashboards with key analytics that help you make reliable maintenance decisions faster
  • Equipment Diagnostics and Prognostics: Our detailed algorithms and industry experts can help you interpret machine data reliably and give you a clear insight of your assets’ current operating condition
  • Exception based maintenance: Our applications provide reliability centered maintenance approach which supports Preventive and predictive maintenance planning instead of corrective reducing cost of maintenance

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