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Pipeline Leak Detection Systems

Protecting your pipeline systems against losses from theft, leakages, spills, and other incidents with real-time software-based leak detection

leak detection

The midstream industry uses hundreds of miles of pipelines to transfer a number of products. These pipelines go through a variety of terrains, which aren’t always easy to monitor or supervise. Considering that pipeline leaks have the potential to cause significant product loss and environmental damage, leak detection is a critical operational and safety function but gets very costly with hardware-only solutions

Pipeline Leak Detection Systems

INTECH Pipeline Leak Detection Systems highlights

INTECH deploys industry-leading software-based pipeline leak detection solutions, we combine our domain expertise and integration knowledge with these solutions’ specialization for highly specialized leak detection and pipeline management system.

  • INTECH uses innovative software-based leak detection solutions in preference to traditional leak detection methods. We use Real-Time Transient Models (RTTM), look-ahead, and what-if simulations. The accuracy of input measurements is vital to successful leak detection.
  • INTECH covers missing data with soft sensing solutions. We also track scrapers, batches, density, and Drag Reducing Agents (DRAs), which influence measurement data.
  • Our solutions perform estimation, validation, and reconciliations but go beyond simple leak detection. We also monitor for pipeline stress, instrument malfunction, and slackline.

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