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Electrical Solutions

Comprehensive solutions for electrical substations, buildings, e-houses, and electrical systems’ management

Providing innovative electrical solutions to industries for a safer and more efficient world

Whether it’s greenfield projects with limited access to energy and infrastructure, or brownfield sites with multiple systems and high obsolescence, INTECH understands the constraints and challenges of supplying reliable and sustainable electrical power. We have built a portfolio of electrical solutions that cover engineering, design, fabrication, supply, study, and maintenance of MV and LV electrical systems.

Products & Solutions

INTECH offers a comprehensive suite of electrical solutions, including E-Houses, Electrical Systems, and Electrical Services, designed to enhance safety and efficiency for industries globally.


Bundled electrical solutions in packaged skids and buildings for easy deployment

Electrical Systems

Low & medium-voltage electrical control and switching systems for quick deployment

Electrical Services

Design, engineering, management, shifting, distribution, balancing, and coordination

Manufacturing Sites
Engineering Specialists
E-Houses Delivered

Improve efficiency with INTECH's cutting-edge electrical solutions

Global Presence

Our global network of offices in 13 countries in major energy-producing regions helps us quickly deliver projects.

Prefabricated Units

We build fully integrated and prepackaged electrical buildings and skids that are scalable to any plant or facility size.

Fully Certified

We have ISO-9001, 14001, and 27001 certified manufacturing sites, and can get our products third-party certified.

Over 30 years of experience

Our expertise is backed by decades spent in the energy industry working with some of the world’s largest energy companies.

Strategic Partnership Network

We are partnered with leading electrical equipment manufacturers, giving you high customization and prioritized delivery.

Flexible and Agile

With 10+ fabrication partners, we ensure your projects are built, delivered, and deployed in minimum time.

We Manage A Diverse Industrial Portfolio

Deploy comprehensive electrical solutions with convenience in any global location

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