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Customizable hybrid and standalone electrical buildings and skids with electrical systems and bundled automation, control, and instrumentation systems

Reliable, Compact, and Adaptable Solutions for Power Distribution

INTECH’s E-houses offer a comprehensive and compact solution for power distribution – providing convenience, reliability, and adaptability. Our prefabricated containerized units are designed to withstand harsh conditions, with state-of-the-art electrical systems that include transformers, switchgear, drives, UPS, and control panels, all housed in a durable and secure container.

Large projects often get complex when coordinating with multiple contractors for different services. A major obstacle here is managing electrical and automation systems whose integrators traditionally come from different domains. INTECH helps reduce this complexity and speed up project execution by offering electrical systems bundled with automation systems in a single building or skid.

Key Features

E-Houses are Pre-tested containerized power distribution units, allowing efficient and rapid deployment to tackle project complexities while achieving sustainability goals. Some of the key features include:

Prefabricated units

Prefabricated and containerized design for easy transport and installation in various locations

High customizability

Multiple supplier options lead to a vendor-neutral experience with faster delivery, cost optimization, and system familiarity

Durable construction

Durable construction to withstand harsh conditions and ensure reliable power distribution for critical operations

Reliable power distribution

Provide reliable power distribution for critical operations, our E-houses are an ideal solution for power distribution needs


Prefabricated and factory-tested units, can be easily assembled, integrated, and deployed into operation

State-of-the-art electrical systems

State-of-the-art electrical systems including transformers, switchgear, and control panels enable enhanced power distribution

Customer Success

INTECH's E-houses enable client to enhance production capacity by 40 percent

INTECH built and deployed two portable power skids on two newly built trains (each with a capacity of 200 mmscf/d) for enabling flare capturing operations at a 400 mmscf/d natural gas processing plant located at one of the largest super-giant fields in the world. This project has helped the end user increase their production capacity by 40% while increasing their efficiency and reducing their carbon footprint significantly.

Benefits & Features


Flexibility to choose equipment

We are partnered with most of the leading manufacturers for electrical components, devices, and equipment. Additionally, we have a global network of suppliers with procurement channels across 5 continents. This gives you the flexibility to choose the systems and parts you need without being restricted by platforms, costs, or manufacturers; this choice extends to:

  • LV and MV switchgear
  • VFDs
  • Transformers
  • AC/DC UPS and batteries
  • PFIs
  • NER

Customizable Design for Particular Project Needs

Our in-house system design expertise is coupled with the container and building design expertise of our fabrication teams. This collectively gives you a very high degree of customization in sizing buildings and packages that can fit into your facility instead of adjusting your facilities to accommodate these units. Our customization design options extend to:

  • Container size
  • Internal sections and layout
  • Configurations
  • Vendors

To protect against fires and other hazards

Safety has always been our highest priority, and with 30+ years of expertise in control safety and fire & gas systems at oil & gas facilities, we are well equipped to ensure all safety boxes are checked when your e-house rolls out and gets put into operation. We have multiple TUV-certified functional safety engineers and a broad portfolio of safety system vendors to ensure your buildings are safe and secure throughout their service lifetime. The safety systems we cover include:

  • Advanced HVAC
  • F&G
  • Fire suppression

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