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Centralized real-time monitoring, control, and management of complex power generation, distribution, and transmission processes

A Reliable Control, Safety, and Monitoring System

Managing real-time data from diverse sources within complex grid systems is a real challenge. INTECH E-SCADA equips power industry professionals with advanced tools, guaranteeing efficient load management, generation, safety, and data analysis, thereby securing an effective and adaptable power network

Key Offerings

Centralized Monitoring

Aggregating critical data from diverse facility sources to get real-time operational insights and informed decision-making

Power Management

Load and Power Management

Optimize energy usage and enhance efficiency by monitoring power consumption, distribution, and load levels

HMI-Based Control System

Monitor processes, receive alerts, swiftly collaborate, and make real-time adjustments through our user-friendly HMI interface

SCADA Monitoring

Enhanced Visibility

Monitor the performance of critical equipment, track production metrics, and identify bottlenecks for rapid solution

Remote Access

Accessible monitoring and control, ensuring uninterrupted operations and informed decision-making regardless of your location.

Real-time Alerts

Our system’s advanced algorithms detect errors and deviations, ensuring that you can take corrective actions swiftly

Join us in shaping a more connected and intelligent future with INTECH's E-SCADA system

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Why Choose INTECH?

30+ Years of Experties

Cross-industry expertise to effectively address E-SCADA requirements with cutting-edge industrial solutions

Skilled Workforce

Dedicated and highly skilled workforce, devoted to providing innovative solutions that exceed expectations

Strategic Partnerships

Enabling seamless integration of OEM-specific systems for unparalleled compatibility and optimal performance


Regardless of project type, INTECH’s E-SCADA solutions are tailored to meet your unique requirements and objectives

In-House Manufacturing

Our multiple in-house manufacturing facilities and engineering offices enable the end-to-end deployment of solutions

End-to-End Support

From system design and integration to training and maintenance, INTECH remains by your side

Green Field & Brown Field SCADA

Green Field E-SCADA:

INTECH’s Green Field E-SCADA solution is for new projects, creating a digital ecosystem from scratch, and ensuring seamless connectivity, efficiency, and optimal control. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, we build a robust foundation adaptable to industry standards and for future growth.

Brown Field E-SCADA:

For existing facilities looking to upgrade, our Brown Field E-SCADA solutions seamlessly integrate modern E-SCADA into legacy systems. This enhances centralized monitoring, real-time control, and visibility, revitalizing facilities, improving efficiency, and extending asset lifespan. Stay competitive in evolving industries with our retrofit expertise.

Electrical Panel

OEM Systems Expertise

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