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Power Management
& Distribution

Comprehensive and stable load balancing, management, and power distribution systems for plants, facilities, offshore structures, and offshore vessels

Secure your
equipment and
systems against
power issues

INTECH develops and supplies integrated Power Management and Distribution Systems for large and small industrial applications. We help clients prevent the severe equipment damage, days of downtime, and loss of production that power system failures cause. Our focus is on reliable and stable energy supply as well as optimizing energy usage to reduce operating costs

Power Management & Distribution System

Power Management & Distribution highlights

We have the technical expertise and practical experience to help our clients sustain reliable power supply and optimal energy usage.

  • We can build systems for any facility size and location, suitable for on-grid or off-grid infrastructure.
  • Our power management & distribution systems go beyond typical power management systems to ensure optimal power utilization in power intensive industries; offering real time monitoring, intelligent load-shedding, economic dispatch, customized reporting, root cause & trend analysis, among other features.
  • Our operations are supported through 13 regional offices and 4 major engineering hubs around the world.
  • We have ISO-9001:2015 and CSIA certified manufacturing facilities in Dubai.
  • Our solutions are based on international standards like ISA, IEC, IEEE, ANSI, etc. and our solutions can be certified to any third-party.
  • In addition to power management systems, we provide extensive training and simulations for site personnel and operators.

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