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Specialized services and innovative solutions designed with in-depth knowledge and experience of rotating equipment and various types of traditional and modern systems

Solutions for the future while serving traditional units with unwavering commitment

INTECH has consistently kept up with the revolution that is reshaping the utilties space. While we have designed our solutions keeping an eye on the technologies of the future, our commitment to providing solutions & services to traditional units remains the same

Power Generation

Utilities Project Focus

We are actively assisting companies looking to upgrade their assets to become more environmentally friendly and reduce operating costs. We capitalize on our specialists’ multidisciplinary knowledge and skills to design flexible solutions while keeping in view any infrastructural scalability concerns and technological upgrades.

We have an immensely successful track record spanning over more than 15 years working with solar power systems, particularly in the Middle East and West African region. We have been consistently developing and growing our skill set in modern power generation, as well as transmission and delivery technologies. We have the capability and capacity to handle projects of any size; from full scale multi-facility integration to working on individual units.

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Shortest Lead times & Flexible execution ensure maximum returns from your Utilities investments

INTECH’s pool of highly competent and globally experienced engineers deliver services and design solutions that are geared for the specific requirements of your Utilities facility. At the same time, our teams make sure that best systems and engineering practices are followed for smooth project completions.

INTECH’s custom designed manufacturing facility in Jebel Ali, Dubai, coupled with a web of regional offices spread across the globe have enabled us to deliver industry’s shortest lead times with flexible execution to meet most demanding utilities project scenarios.

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