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INTECH to provide well head automation services for gas well development project in South Pakistan

INTECH Process Automation will provide wellhead automation services for a gas well development project in Sindh province located in South Pakistan.

The client on this project, a major global oil and gas company, is operating two gas fields located at a distance of 14 km from each other. The gas field in the south has three producing wells; two of those wells are connected to a gathering manifold and from there onwards to a GPF through a trunk line while the third well is connected directly to the GPF. The gas field in the north has a well drilled as part of an exploration commitment in the Exploration License in 2013 by the operator. Since sufficient capacity was available at the GPF, the operator decided to add gas from the northern well to the GPF to improve utilization of gas processing facility.

INTECH’s scope includes the following:

  1. Well head Hydraulic Panel as per client schematic and technical clarifications
  2. RTU panel with required FO/Ethernet accessories system
  3. CCTV cameras for wellsite and its integration in GPF
  4. Solar power system to power RTU, WHCP, and CCTV as per load provided by the client
  5. IO addition in GPF as per IO list provided by the client
  6. Supply of VOIP with required FO/Ethernet accessories

INTECH will mobilize its resources from its Engineering Back office in Lahore and its panel shop in Dubai with Lahore office being the lead execution office for this project.

About INTECH Wellhead Solutions

INTECH’s Wellhead Automation Solutions cover design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and operation & maintenance of Wellhead Systems in any location worldwide. Our wellhead products cover generic and custom built vendor-neutral solutions which range from hydraulic control panels and subsea master control stations to artificial lift optimization solutions, pump-off controllers, wellhead RTUs and injection skids. INTECH’s dedicated panel shops in USA and UAE help deliver UL certified panels in record times without compromising standards and quality.
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INTECH Process Automation Inc. is an international Control Systems engineering and Systems Integration company delivering reliable automation solutions to the Oil & Gas sector since 1991. INTECH has done projects in 31 countries across 6 continents with regional offices in 13 countries, equipping it with 2000+ engineering man-years of experience. INTECH’s vendor-neutral approach and extensive experience help serve both regional and global customers with the highest standards of quality and reliability.

INTECH covers all traditional asset classes (upstream, midstream & downstream) as well as shale and buoy automation. Its wide range of solutions covers traditional control system automation as well as hydraulic (surface and sub-surface) control system automation and advanced software solutions for operations and asset management. Customers benefit from INTECH’s lump-sum turnkey solutions to save costs and increase plant productivity.

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