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Less Paper, More Reporting

January 10, 2020

With the evolution of increasingly self-driven automation systems and the advent of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), companies have constantly progressed towards reducing human interaction in their everyday operations. ... Read more

Reliability Improvement in Industrial Control Systems

November 1, 2019

Reliability is the among the hottest topics being discussed currently. With the advent of Industrial Internet of Things, big-data-driven decision making and plantwide visibility, the attention of operators and corporate ... Read more

Addressing cyber security concerns in industrial control systems

May 3, 2019

While cybersecurity has always been a major concern for any industry, a common perception was that the threat from it pertained to losing proprietary data, falling victim to espionage, and facing shutdowns. The Triton (also ... Read more

Big Data analysis or data acquisition?

March 8, 2019

Big Data is a term that has lately been thrown around a lot. From retail management systems focused on staple goods stores to enterprise data management solutions for multinational organizations, everyone seems to be ... Read more

Five Critical Factors in Industrial Control System Integration

October 2, 2016

Several factors have to be taken into account when discussing industrial control systems integration such as software infrastructure, process databases, operator interface, alarm management, and network security. by Ali Awais ... Read more

Midstream Process Optimization

August 19, 2016

In times of slump, process optimization guards your margins.   by Ahmed Habib and Jahangir Malik, INTECH Process Automation The prevailing oil price slump has left everyone shaken, be it independent shale producers with a few ... Read more

The three R’s: Repair, replace, or retrofit

March 16, 2016

Deciding whether to repair, replace, or retrofit an asset within a plant depends on business goals and operation and maintenance requirements of each asset in a facility. by Ammad Ahmed Baig, INTECH Process Automation A key ... Read more

Advanced Process Control and Real-time Optimization

February 3, 2016

Advanced process control and real-time optimization are techniques that can improve a plant’s profitability and efficiency by maintaining a process at desired operating conditions while taking process constraints into ... Read more

Distributed control system upgrades for Process Control Systems

January 26, 2016

There are many reasons to upgrade a distributed control system (DCS) for a process control system, but there are many considerations and challenges to consider when doing so. by Aneel Shahzad Baig, INTECH Process Automation  ... Read more

Seven steps in predicting equipment lifecycle: Using obsolescence management

September 4, 2015

A well-managed obsolescence management system safeguards a company from the aforementioned issues. Here are seven steps in using the system to predict equipment lifecycle.  by Ali Awais Amin, Intech Process Automation ... Read more

Predictive maintenance: Analyze data properly

July 3, 2015

While new equipment can make a good first impression, what builds long-term charm is smart maintenance of all that equipment. by Salman Aftab Sheikh and Ahmed Habib, Intech Process Automation Anyone who has owned a new car or ... Read more

Controller selection criteria: Keys to achieving operational excellence

June 17, 2015

The process of achieving operational excellence is selecting the right automation technologies that will ensure industrial processes run smoothly at the desired level of performance. by Aneel Shehzad Baig and Taimoor Shabbir ... Read more

Security in automation: Smartphone might be the greatest threat

May 8, 2015

Smartphones have made access to information easy and thus increase security risk for critical information. It requires constant and holistic attention to understand the patterns of attacks and raise awareness with ... Read more

Time for training: Five core advantages of having well-trained staff

May 6, 2015

Finding a couple of hours to train workers is tough, but the value is great and easy to measure by Sharjeel Nawaz and Ahmed Habib, INTECH Process Automation The advent of modern machines, sophisticated control, and seamless ... Read more

“Top talent can only be retained when given alternative career paths and competitive pay,” says Atif Tufail of INTECH

February 19, 2015

Atif Tufail, Global Head of Human Resources at INTECH Process Automation, was speaking to about the culture at INTECH and provided insights into upcoming hiring trends in the MENA and across the globe. Atif Tufail is ... Read more

Control Room Distractions: Recipe for a Catastrophic Disaster

December 4, 2014

by Abid Khan Project Manager, INTECH Process Automation Inc.   Abstract The advancement in technology has enabled today’s control systems to become fault tolerant, include self-healing networks, carry sophisticated ... Read more

Fostering Competency for Human Capital

November 25, 2014

by ABID MUNAWAR (Operations Lead, US P&L, at INTECH Process Automation) Change is inevitable, it comes whether we like it or not. The only solution is to embrace it proactively and positively. Therefore, those who do not ... Read more