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OT Cybersecurity

Consultation and implementation of cybersecurity for operational-technology (OT) systems and networks at industrial plants, facilities, and remote sites

Helping you achieve cyber resilience through our next-gen solutions

Building a secure OT system from ground up

Advancements in technology and the advent of Industry 4.0 have enabled many new ways of collecting data, creating and sharing information, and automating processes for higher efficiencies. This ease of interaction and communication however has also left these systems vulnerable to external tapping, alterations, and even espionage, making OT Cybersecurity a critical need for all facilities.

At INTECH, we partner with you in assessing the robustness of your security posture and improve it. Our extensive industrial experience has allowed us to develop an eye for identifying opportunities that improve network visibility and enhance system reliability through our multi-layered OT security offerings. Our expertise in OT environments gives us a competitive edge, allowing us to address OT cybersecurity gaps and emerging threats that are most detrimental to your business continuity.

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Why We Are Your Ideal Partner

Deep-rooted Expertise

Over 30 years of experience in delivering value-added services covering complete OT cyber infrastructure

Certifiable Solutions

Experience with key regional and international standards and frameworks (NIST, ISA/IEC 62443, ISO 27001)

Multi-vendor Experience

Our vendor portfolio consists of leading OEMs, allowing us to provide solutions that are best fit for your ecosystem

Multi-disciplinary Consultants

Design, engineering, and implementation experience in OT systems for control, safety, and asset management

Extensive Partner Network

We are partnered with leading cybersecurity technology companies for serving the diverse needs of our customers

Explore Our Solutions

We bridge the gap between safety and risk by suggesting solutions curated specific to your organizational needs. Forming our strategies around zero-trust principles further allows us to double down on system’s hardening, making it resolute in face of emerging cyber attacks

OT Cybersecurity Consultancy

Collaborative engagement for developing OT Cybersecurity strategies, policies, and governance

OT Cybersecurity Implementation

Deployment, remediation, and maintenance of OT Cybersecurity systems and assets

INTECH OT Cybersecurity Spotlight

What CTOs are looking for

Discussing the importance of selecting the right framework to augment your security posture

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