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Solutions for Gas & Liquid Measurement

Highly accurate solutions for fluid measurement, leak detection, and custody transfer, along with control automation for storage terminals

Accurate gas and liquid flow measurement are critical for custody transfer, leak detection, and mass-energy balance. Any of these has the potential to cost Oil and Gas customers millions of dollars in losses and inefficiencies. However, Oil and Gas is a complex environment with streams of varying compositions that make measurement difficult and integration even harder

Key Highlights

Gas & Liquid Measurement Solutions

Extensive Project Expertise

We have delivered projects for terminals, leak detection, fiscal metering, custody transfer, and tank gauging for over 25 years.

Vendor- Neutral Approach

It enables clients to use best-in-class components without compromising on the overall cohesion and optimization of their system.

Domain Specialization

Our subject matter expertise in oil & gas applications enables us to meet your needs for reliability and accuracy in measurement solutions.

Global Manufacturing and Delivery

Our factory in Dubai can fabricate and ship panels, skids, and other equipment to major oil & gas locations anywhere around the world.

Certified Solutions

Our manufacturing processes are ISO 9001:2015 and CSIA certified, and we can get our equipment certified to a large number of third party standards.

Gas & Liquid Measurement Solutions Offerings

Metering & Custody Transfer

Flow metering and custody transfer with instrumentation and automation for gases and liquids

Batch Management Systems

Batch control and management solutions for fuel loading systems

Terminal Management

End-to-end solutions for terminal management including gantry, batch control, and automation

Pipeline Leak Detection

Innovative software-based solutions for real time pipeline leak detection

Tank Gauging & Movement

Reliable gauging solutions for tanks, with reconciliation and custody transfer applications for terminals and farms

Download our brochure to learn more about our gas & liquid measurement offerings.

Customer Testimonials

The project has been a success. Thanks to INTECH for the great co‐operation & especially to the engineer assigned to us. He is a very committed guy who we can rely upon. He understands his job pretty well & comes up with unique solutions to our problems. He owns every problem thrown at him & ensures we get the best solution.


I would like to appreciate the efforts you put into our DCS upgrade project to make it a big success. The tight project schedule was duly met and you were able to match pace with the drilling team to bring new wells on-line quite in time. Your local training set up enabled us to conduct nine operator’s training sessions and two engineer’s training sessions thus helping us to achieve our training goals cost-effectively. We now have enough trained manpower to run and maintain the system. Your local presence is beneficial to us to fulfill our medium and long-term needs of assistance. The work was done in the most professional manner and the shutdown period was minimum. We shall favorably consider your company for future work and hope that you will keep up your high standards.

Head of maintenance

We would like to thank your commissioning engineer for his support with skid services, he added higher value to the team.

Saudi Aramco
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