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Facility Survey and Troubleshooting


INTECH’s facility survey and troubleshooting services offer a comprehensive insight into the key performance areas of oil and gas facilities with the objective of overall process optimization, cost reduction and maximizing efficiency and reliability. The survey carried out in close consultation with the client involves a thorough review and benchmarking of process performances on an area by area and process by process basis identifying existing and potential process constraints in terms of equipment and operating practices. A full report is prepared with all the findings, suggestions and a technical recommendation plan for improvement and optimization.

Facility Survey and Troubleshooting-Pain Analysis

INTECH’s facility survey and troubleshooting services broadly cover the following key performance areas of an oil and gas facility:

  • Problem Alarm Baseline Survey
  • Facility Bottleneck Survey
  • Loop Optimization Survey
  • Plant Optimization Survey

INTECH’s technical recommendation plans not only address problems at hand but are devised with a keen eye on the future of the technological landscape making sure that our clients are ready to embrace the technological advances in oil and gas businesses.

Client's Testimonial

  • Chevron Just a little note to say well done. I have been very impressed with your first rotation, you have shown excellent skills, as well as great work ethic and one of the most important things I watch for, is how you get on in the team - and this has also been first class. You should be very proud.
  • Tengizchevroil LLP I will take this opportunity to express my great thanks to INTECH for stepping up to the plate when it was required and understanding our SOS situations. Intech is a first class organization with excellent expertise and I will not hesitate to work or recommend Intech for future projects.
  • Schlumberger The experience, knowledge and dedication of the INTECH Process Automation team was instrumental in executing a professional job towards the Control and Safety System of the Project.
  • Total The tight project schedule was duly met and you were able to match pace with drilling team to bring new wells on-line quite in time. The work was done in most professional manner and the shutdown period was minimum.
  • BHP Billiton I would personally like to Thank You for your vendor support. Based on my experiences over the last 12 to 18 months you are well ahead of the industry curve on this aspect. This is a very important differentiating factor that your business possess, keep up the good work. We will be sure to let others in the industry know. We look forward to doing business with INTECH in future.