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Sustainability through reusability

Skids & Packages

Highly customizable, portable, and rapidly deployable packages for quicker start-up times

Speed up first production and achieve faster turnarounds reliably

Cutting edge solutions for wellhead control, wellsite automation, and production assets

Upstream and wellsite operations suffer from efficiency challenges due to harsh climates, lack of infrastructural support, variable well sizes, and geographical dispersion across remote areas, making them inherently capital-intensive. Furthermore, maintenance issues, the limited lifecycles of wells, and the constant need to meet market demand compel companies to pursue drilling new well sites, making operations economically unviable at times.

Our Skids & Packages portfolio is designed to augment operational efficiency through reusable and rapidly deployable packages that help you speed up first production, minimize turnaround costs, and enhance productivity, all while being mounted on a single base frame. With sustainability at the core, our cost-effective solution is ideal to enhance productivity of even marginal fields. Owing to our automation and digital expertise, we take full ownership of your product lifecycle, enabling real-time monitoring and ensuring end to end data encryption.

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Why We Are Your Ideal Partner for Skid based Packages

Bespoke Packages

Our independent solutions are customizable to your needs. Portability and reusability features enable you to have a standard operational approach along with long term cost effectiveness

One-stop Shop

Leveraging our decades of relevant experience and wide network of fabricators, we take the responsibility of handling all project facets; ranging from third part vendor management to commissioning

Manufacturing Excellence

We maintain quality standards through strict checks and leverage our multi-region facilities for efficient in-house manufacturing, delivery focus, and ensure complete confidentiality of your custom solutions

Application Diversity

Offering specialized plug-and-play multi-system skids designed to cover all applications at upstream and well sites, with a focus on minimizing operational complexities

Future-Ready Systems

We blend our automation and digitalization prowess with robust fabrication methods to provide you with reliable, flexible, scalable, and integratable solutions that are future-proof

Lifecycle Services

From project inception till commissioning, our team takes complete responsibility to cover maintenance of your installed assets and ensures optimum performance throughout their serviceable life

Robust packages designed for hazardous environments

Our competitive edge lies in making safety-compliant solutions with profound utility for the end user. We specialize in equipment and packages certifiable to NFPA-NEC Class 1, Div 1 and Div 2, and ATEX Zone 1 and Zone 2

Explore Our Solutions

Our off-the-shelf and made-to-order skids cater for both upstream and downstream operations. We promise convenient operability and agile deployment for your business to thrive

Solar Skid

Modular Packages

Building customizable, portable, and re-usable skids as you envisioned them


Safeguarding your capital and downstream assets from pressure surges

Chemical Injection Skids

Asset protection while enhancing your production quality and throughput

Wellhead Control Panels

Single and multi-well control panels for streamlined operations in harsh climates

Metering Skids

Facilitating reliable custody transfer and accurate billing

Solar System Packages

Powering your operations with clean energy to the back of beyond

Our Customers

“The project has been a success. Thanks to INTECH for the great co‐operation & especially to the engineer assigned to us. He is a very committed guy who we can rely upon. He understands his job pretty well & comes up with unique solutions to our problems. He owns every problem thrown at him & ensures we get the best solution”


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