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Metering & Custody Transfer

Liquid and gas metering solutions, and control system integration of metering skids for turnkey solutions with high accuracy and reliability

Highly accurate
liquid and gas
flow metering

When it comes to custody transfer, the implications of inaccurate measurements could run into millions of dollars and expensive legal disputes. However, the liquid and gas streams in Oil and Gas facilities vary in composition making accurate measurement difficult. We understand the technical demands of flow metering and custody transfer in the Oil and Gas industry

INTECH Metering & Custody Transfer highlights

Our track record of successful custody transfer solutions across multiple plants using multiple technologies makes us the ideal partner for your flow metering needs.

  • We install, calibrate, and integrate metering instruments, filtering and conditioning systems, and skids.
  • We use sampling and analysis instruments for real-time information on product composition, dewpoint, impurities, and calorific values, etc.
  • We use helical/turbine, coriolis, ultrasonic, and PD meters for liquid flow measurement.
  • Our gas flow measurement technologies include ultrasonic, orifice, turbine, venturi, and coriolis meters.
  • Our vendor-neutral approach enables us to integrate your measurement solution with any SCADA or third-party control system.

Download our brochure to learn more about our gas & liquid measurement offerings.

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Metering & Custody Transfer

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