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Instrument Asset Management Systems (IAMS)

Delivering instrument level information for prompt decisions

Industrial Asset Management Systems from leading DCS vendors

INTECH supplies remote connection to assets, smart devices, and field instruments using Fieldbus, Profibus, Hart, EDDL, and other industry protocols. We use Industrial Asset Management Systems from all leading DCS vendors

Instrument Asset Management Systems

INTECH IAMS highlights

As a system integrator, INTECH is able to bring these diverse systems and protocols together into a cohesive solution. We convert information from plant instrument systems into meaningful reports and alarms, which can make a significant difference to Plant Availability and Production Performance.

  • INTECH’s multi-system & multi-discipline expertise and more than two decades of global project experience enables it to work with all major instruments and control systems.
  • We have local offices in strategic locations, from which we provide Instrument Asset Management Systems to any client facility.
  • Our solutions feature information converted into meaningful reports and alarms, which provide an additional layer of plant optimization and reliability management.

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