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O&M Training

Plant operators and personnel training on electrical, instrument, and control systems’ operation and routine maintenance through skilled project and maintenance teams

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for all levels of complexity

As facilities get more complex control, safety, and reporting systems, it gets harder for personnel to stay on top of each new system and use it effectively. Missing out here can make the difference between staying profitable and losing market share. A unified training that covers all systems and functionalities can really help plant personnel without being overwhelmed with too many courses

Operation and Maintenance training

Operations & Maintenance Training services highlights

Investing in employees alongside technology, especially people directly responsible for operating and maintaining your assets, is what drives sustainable growth. Companies around the world struggle to keep their resources trained because it isn’t just the machines that deliver excellence it’s the people who work with them.

  • Our trainers have 1000+ hours of hands-on project management and technical knowledge in the deployment of automation and information systems in Oil & Gas facilities.
  • Our programs are flexible (3/5/10 days) which offer an in-depth understanding of automation equipment and their impact on process operations.
  • We mix and match course topics from a repository of content and have well-developed self-learning training material on all topics.
  • You get customized courses based on YOUR equipment and facility needs.

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Operations & Maintenance Training Services

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