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Resident Operations
& Maintenance

Long-term on-site resources with diverse skills and OEM-grade systems’ expertise for ensuring your facilities run smoothly and flawlessly without significant overheads

Highly experienced service engineers to boost your on-site personnel needs

Even fully autonomous facilities need routine maintenance to remain operational. In manned facilities, this need grows exponentially with the size of operations and the number of assets. A resident operation and maintenance team helps ensure that incidents are readily addressed, and all assets remain operational to ensure the best utilization of facility up-time

Resident Operations and Maintenance

Resident Operations & Maintenance highlights

We understand the struggle to maintain onsite staff needs and low costs. Our engineers are highly skilled in instrumentation, electrical, and control systems from major vendors, reducing your personnel count without compromising performance.

  • Reduce your total needed staff with engineers skilled in multiple fields and speed up your turnaround as these engineers perform most tasks by themselves.
  • Our engineers are assets during routine maintenance as their on-site presence makes them familiar with all works and issues that need attention.
  • In addition to quickly restoring functionality during breakdowns, our teams can keep looking after routine tasks like adjusting faulty loops, calibrating instruments, replacing damaged cabling, modifying logic, and the like on a regular basis.
  • Our periodic staff rotations are built around keeping our resources trained during their time off sites to ensure their skills remain polished and relevant.

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Resident Operations & Maintenance

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