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Less Paper, More Reporting

With the evolution of increasingly self-driven automation systems and the advent of Industrial Internet of…

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Reliability Improvement in Industrial Control Systems

Reliability is the among the hottest topics being discussed currently. With the advent of Industrial…

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Addressing cyber security concerns in industrial control systems

While cybersecurity has always been a major concern for any industry, a common perception was…

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Big Data analysis or data acquisition?

Big Data is a term that has lately been thrown around a lot. From retail…

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Five Critical Factors in Industrial Control System Integration

Several factors have to be taken into account when discussing industrial control systems integration such…

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Midstream Process Optimization

In times of slump, process optimization guards your margins.   by Ahmed Habib and Jahangir…

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The three R’s: Repair, replace, or retrofit

Deciding whether to repair, replace, or retrofit an asset within a plant depends on business…

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Advanced Process Control and Real-time Optimization

Advanced process control and real-time optimization are techniques that can improve a plant’s profitability and…

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Distributed control system upgrades for Process Control Systems

There are many reasons to upgrade a distributed control system (DCS) for a process control…

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