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Enabling remote access, control, and monitoring of your sites, facilities, and industrial assets with state-of-the-art systems and applications

Monitoring remote installations and facilities with different systems is an integration challenge few want to face. INTECH’s SCADA solutions help you overcome that challenge by connecting any asset at any location, regardless of integration complexity. With access to real-time information, detailed analyses, and timely interventions, you can keep your operations safe, reliable, and optimized

Key Highlights

Design Virtual SCADA environments

We design next-generation platform-agnostic interactive SCADA and HMI solutions that are intuitive to use for all applications.

Increased Visibility

Thorough facility visibility down from instrument-level to overall operations in real time.

Design Complex Architecture

We design complex architecture solutions using multiple types of telecom technologies; Satellite, Wimax, Fiber, etc.

Customized Solutions

We can seamlessly integrate with any data acquisition, control systems and telemetry devices.

Vendor-Neutral Approach

We can integrate with all kinds of instruments and devices ranging from PIDs and PLCs, to DCS and CCR infrastructure.

SCADA Solutions Offerings


Keep operators aware of plant conditions and enable them to take appropriate actions

Telecommunication, CCTV, and Security Solutions

Remote connectivity, telemetry, surveillance, and access control solutions.

Pipeline SCADA

Monitor pipeline systems and validate flow, pressure, transmission, and diagnostics

Wellhead SCADA

Monitoring and digital coverage solutions for upstream production fields

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