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On-call Operations
And Maintenance

Readily available multi-disciplinary engineers and technicians with decades’ worth of domain knowledge and OEM-grade system expertise, mobilized in as early as 24 hours

Let the experts address your most pressing maintenance concerns

With continuous optimization on every facility’s agenda and technology enabling higher performance at lower costs, there’s stricter competition with downtime likely to significantly affect profitability. Facility managers need access to skilled resources readily available to address unforeseen issues and around maintenance turnovers but without the added cost of housing additional resources

on call O&M

On-call Operations & Maintenance services highlights

The industrial landscape is vastly different from how it was just a few decades ago. Advancements in manufacturing and technology have risen industrial assets that need significantly lower maintenance and operations supervision. This increase in reliability and uptime has decreased the size of always-available maintenance teams as most maintenance tasks can easily be deferred to periodic maintenance cycles.

  • Our engineers have expertise on multiple control systems and industrial assets – including electrical and instrumentation works – and are regularly retrained to keep their skills polished.
  • Our engineers’ multidisciplinary skills and attention to detail can ensure quick turnaround without needing to mobilize additional third-party support.
  • Our engineers have hands-on experience to cater to emergencies and assist during routine maintenance.

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On-call Operations & Maintenance

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