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AI & ML Services

Unlock your business potential through advanced data-driven solutions for process, machinery prognosis, equipment diagnostic, and vision-based quality inspection for production lines

Ensure operational continuity through AI-driven solutions

We enable you to achieve greater operational efficiency and profitability. Through AI and ML-based diagnostics and prognosis solutions, we help in identifying potential issues with your machinery and take proactive measures to prevent downtime and reducing maintenance costs. Our vision-based quality inspection services can ensure effectiveness of your production lines in delivering high-quality products to consistently meet customer’s expectations.

Key Highlights

ML services

Comprehensive Industry Knowledge

With 30+ years of experience in the industry, we possess deep domain expertise that allows us to understand the unique challenges and opportunities of each industry we work with

End-to-end Solutions

From problem diagnosis to solution implementation and ongoing support, we provide end-to-end services that help businesses achieve their goals and optimize their operations

Cutting-edge Technology

We leverage the latest advancements in AI, ML, IoT, and other technologies to develop innovative solutions that meet the ever-evolving needs of the industry

Machine Learning

Collaborative Approach

We believe in working closely with our clients as partners, fostering open communication, and collaborative problem-solving to ensure the best possible outcomes for their businesses

Customer-centric Approach

We believe in putting our customers first, and we work closely with them to understand their unique needs and deliver customized solutions that meet their specific requirements

Continuous Improvement

We are committed to ongoing improvement, and we continuously evaluate our processes, tools, and methodologies to ensure that we are providing the highest quality services and solutions

Leveraging Our Solutions for Real-world Applications

Anomaly Detection

INTECH excels in utilizing deep learning algorithms to detect multivariate anomalies in industrial assets, preventing costly downtime, enhancing safety, and preemptively identifying patterns to prevent future asset failures.

Key features

  • Real-time monitoring
  • Multivariate anomaly detection
  • Adaptive learning-based algorithm
  • Proactive monitoring

Diagnostics & RCA

Our diagnostic tools allow you to deep dive into the underlying issues that are often overlooked. With the help of our neural networks, we can categorize specific types of faults and take relevant corrective measures to address them.

Key features

  • Advance diagnostic analysis
  • Flexible
  • Integrated sensor analysis
  • Fault classification


Be one step ahead through our prognostic tools as they enable you to accurately predict the remaining useful life (RUL) of equipment, identify failure types and recommend maintenance schedules in advance to minimize downtime and prevent excessive expenses.

Soft Sensing

Soft sensing deals with rudimentary issues pertaining to desired product quality by ensuring operations within the set critical parameters. It generates ML models based on historical data to provide insights which can be utilized to improve processes.

Golden Batch

Our algorithm assists in generating “golden profile “of an ideal batch which can be used as a benchmark for other batches to compare. This profile can seamlessly be integrated within the existing system and can identify any deviations of forthcoming batches in real-time.

Intelligent Forecasting

Boost production yield with recurrent neural networks (RNNs) and deep learning architectures that accurately forecast demand by capturing temporal dependencies and complex patterns. These models stand out for their scalability, flexibility, and ability to handle large datasets.

Maintenance Cost Estimation

Our maintenance cost predictor can help curb excessive costs and prioritize activities that are within your budgetary constraints. The model incorporates various factors like equipment age, history, type, and model and utilizes advanced statistical techniques to predict costs for a determinable future horizon.

Vision-based Quality Inspection

Our automated solution replaces labor-intensive methods, using standardized inspection with cameras positioned above the production line. High-quality product images are fed into our deep learning models, which employ convolutional neural networks (CNNs) to accurately identify defects. Sensitivity of the system can be adjusted as needed.

We Manage A Diverse Industrial Portfolio

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