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Solar Power

On-grid and off-grid solar power systems for wellhead sites and remote facilities, with arrays, chargers, batteries, and UPS systems for consistent power supply

Solar power,
backup, and
energy efficient

INTECH helps you reduce significant infrastructure expenses associated with powering remote areas by providing cost-efficient & low-maintenance solar power systems that provide reliable and consistent power supply. These systems are robustly designed to withstand extreme weather and come with extended backup so your facilities remain powered in the face of unpredictable weather changes

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Solar Power Systems highlights

INTECH’s Solar Power Systems are designed to operate in the harshest environments and help remote sites and facilities operate independently.

  • We provide fully independent solar power systems, complete with arrays, panels, chargers, batteries, and UPS systems.
  • Built on our extensive PLC experience, we implement dual redundancy, fault tolerance, and detailed diagnostics leading to a 99.99% uptime for our systems.
  • Our systems are designed for easy scalability with multiple hardware options to meet your immediate and future expansion needs.
  • Our multiple regional offices can help us offer services to any remote operations site.
  • We have a manufacturing hub in Dubai which allow quick and easy deployment of solutions to any offshore facility.

Download our brochure to learn more about our wellhead solutions offerings.

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Solar Power Systems

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