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OT Cybersecurity Implementation

Deployment, remediation, and maintenance of OT Cybersecurity systems and assets

Legacy systems are becoming increasingly vulnerable to direct and indirect OT cyber attacks. By exploiting these vulnerabilities, threat-actors can cause operational disruptions which may lead to catastrophic failures. At INTECH we leverage our OT expertise and long-term partnerships with OT vendors to ensure that your facilities are secured with best-in-class solutions that are developed according to your operational needs and financial feasibility.

How We Can Help


Easy-to-deploy scalable solutions, complemented by safe and seamless integration with your native ecosystem


Allows you to stay on top by proactively monitoring critical networks and managing OT assets in real-time through a centralized system

Secure Data Access

Designated authorization for data intervention and report generation while tracking configuration changes remotely at the most granular level

Network Hardening

Provides endpoint protection by identifying potential attack surfaces through risk-scoring and reduces them by removing redundant programs

Secure Gateways

Deployment of security gateways; enforced by multi-threat detection techniques which minimizes your data from being leaked and tampered

Secure Data Transfer

Nullifying threat vector through unidirectional data flow, backing up data and enabling quick data recovery to prevent data losses

INTECH OTCS Implementation Spotlight

Selecting the right standard/framework for your OT cybersecurity program

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How We Are Making An Impact

Project Overview: Securing OT control networks for a leading oil & gas player

Following a thorough analysis of the client’s OT install-base and network, we deployed our solution to enhance system hardening based on IEC 62443 and ISA 99 standards. Our customized solution and multi-vendor control systems expertise assisted the client in

  • Minimizing attack surfaces
  • Better implementation of policies & procedures
  • Isolating zones through firewalls and network segmentation
  • Seamless integration
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