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Telecom, CCTV, & Security Systems

Bringing remote locations closer through highly reliable and robust communications, physical monitoring, asset security, and access control systems

Round the clock visibility for safeguarding critical assets

INTECH supplies RF/GSM telecommunication and telemetry systems along with CCTV, anti-intrusion/perimeter protection, surveillance, PAGA, and access control systems; furnishing robust and reliable solutions that function efficiently in the remotest and harshest locations. Our expertise brings critical assets closer to the enterprise, enabling timely decision making through round the clock visibility

Telecommunication, CCTV, & Security Systems

Telecommunication, CCTV, & Security systems highlights

INTECH’s system integration experience enables us to be the single point of contact for the entire scope of control and automation projects. Our integrated approach eliminates the need for complex project management by our clients and reduces coordination time between different contractors.

  • INTECH’s supplied systems are not only reflective of our engineers’ technical prowess but are also backed by a successful track record of proud and consistent performance in some of the harshest and remotest locations in the world.
  • With our immense oil & gas domain knowledge, we understand the critical nature of a security system in the oil & gas industry thus offering the best options for asset monitoring & security.
  • We provide systems that seamlessly integrate with disparate control systems and provide visibility at the highest corporate levels.
  • Our vendor-neutral approach ensures that we stay current with technology trends and competent to provide you with the best solution that strikes the perfect fit with your needs.

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Telecommunication, CCTV, & Security systems

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