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Fast-Moving Consumer Goods

Achieve newer levels of business success with advanced digital manufacturing solutions

Digitalize Your Manufacturing Processes

Optimize turnaround times with advanced technologies like digital twin, augmented reality, virtual reality, and additive manufacturing. These integral components of our digital manufacturing solutions empower remote monitoring, diagnostics, virtual training, collaborative environments, and cost-effective product customization.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

Identify inefficiencies and implement strategies to minimize downtime, improving operational efficiency.

  • Comprehensive Performance Measurement: Evaluate overall equipment effectiveness by considering factors such as expected versus actual production performance
  • Holistic Equipment Monitoring: Monitor equipment performance using key performance indicators, including downtime, waste, production counts, MTBF, and MTTR
  • Informative OEE Dashboard: Access a user-friendly dashboard displaying essential metrics such as performance, availability, and quality for a clear overview of equipment effectiveness
  • Actionable Insights: Analyze OEE data to gain valuable insights for informed decision-making and targeted improvements
  • Enhance Productivity: Optimize processes, maximize equipment utilization, and increase overall productivity in manufacturing operations through OEE implementation
  • Efficient Downtime Reduction: Identify inefficiencies and implement strategies to minimize downtime, improving operational efficiency

Maintenance Planning and Scheduling

Optimize maintenance planning and scheduling with centralized work order management and improved resource utilization.

  • Centralized Work Order Management: A single platform to track and manage all maintenance tasks and pending work orders.
  • Enhanced Workflow Visualization: Clear visibility of the entire maintenance workflow for better planning and resource allocation.
  • Efficient Resource Utilization: Optimize the allocation of resources for timely and effective maintenance activities.
  • Timely Equipment Maintenance: Ensure proactive and timely maintenance of equipment to minimize downtime and maximize operational efficiency

Maintenance Ledger

Streamline your maintenance tracking and record-keeping activities with a robust maintenance ledger.

  • Comprehensive Maintenance Tracking: Maintain a complete history of maintenance activities conducted on machines, assemblies, and parts
  • Asset-specific Ledgers: Generate separate maintenance ledgers for each machine, assembly, and part, providing a clear overview of maintenance records
  • Easy Machine Selection: Access machine-specific ledgers conveniently through the machine selection drop-down at the top of the ledger
  • Efficient Administration: Administrators can add new machines, assemblies, and parts to the system, ensuring accurate maintenance record keeping

Production Planning

Experience efficient production planning and real-time progress monitoring with our comprehensive production planning features.

  • Streamline Production Planning: Effortlessly upload and manage weekly production schedules
  • Daily Production Report (DPR) Dashboard: Monitor real-time production progress by line and shift
  • Target Tracking: Easily track production targets, actual progress, and remaining tasks
  • Flexible Plan Updates: Seamlessly update the production plan as needed throughout the week
  • Export and Print: Conveniently export and print the DPR for documentation and reference

Paperless Downtime Reporting

Simplify and optimize the downtime reporting process for increased efficiency.

  • Automatic Downtime Identification: Capture machine states directly from the control system to identify downtimes automatically
  • Paperless Reporting: Eliminate the need for paper forms and data entry in downtime reporting
  • Accurate Tracking: Ensure precise tracking of downtime events through direct capture of machine states
  • Real-time Analysis: Receive real-time reports on downtime events for prompt analysis and response
  • Enhanced Data Integrity: Improve data integrity by eliminating manual data entry and reducing the risk of errors

Safety Applications

Enhance safety management and promote a culture of proactive risk mitigation.

  • Comprehensive Safety Record: Maintain and manage a detailed record of safety incidents for easy reference and analysis
  • Visualize Safety KPIs: Gain valuable insights by visualizing key safety performance indicators to identify trends and areas for improvement
  • Incident Tracking: Track the status and progress of safety incidents to ensure timely resolution and proactive risk management
  • Efficient Data Entry: Streamline the process of recording safety incidents with user-friendly interfaces and intuitive data entry options
  • Prompt Issue Resolution: Address safety concerns promptly by tracking and prioritizing identified issues, promoting a safer work environment

Automated Manning

Optimize production line operations and improve workforce management with automated manning.

  • Operator Assignment Automation: Automatically assign operators to production lines based on criteria such as attendance record, skill level, and line priority
  • Efficient Resource Utilization: Streamline operations and optimize resource allocation by ensuring the right operators are assigned to the appropriate production lines
  • Improved Line Performance: Enhance productivity and minimize downtime by effectively matching operators with their skillsets and prioritizing production line assignments
  • Enhanced Operator Management: Simplify the process of managing operator assignments and track their performance in real-time for better workforce management
  • Increased Operational Efficiency: Automate the manning process to eliminate manual errors, reduce administrative burden, and enhance overall operational efficiency

Predictive Maintenance

Experience the power of predictive maintenance with our advanced features.

  • Real-time Equipment Monitoring: Continuously monitor equipment performance using sensor data and other sources in real-time
  • Machine Learning Analysis: Analyze data using advanced machine learning algorithms to detect patterns and trends that indicate potential equipment failures
  • Proactive Maintenance Scheduling: Schedule maintenance pre-emptively based on predictive insights to prevent costly downtime and minimize repairs
  • Optimize Resource Utilization: Precise prediction of downtimes allows for better planning of maintenance activities and efficient allocation of resources
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