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OT Cybersecurity Consultancy

Collaborative engagement for developing OT Cybersecurity strategies, policies, and governance

With hundreds of ICS vulnerabilities discovered every month and infrequent security updates to OT systems, OT Cybersecurity cannot be confined to footnotes. INTECH collaborates with your IT and OT stakeholders to thoroughly assess your OT security posture and develop a roadmap for future-proofing your OT infrastructure against cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities.

How We Can Help

Cyber Strategy

Strategies for improving cyber-readiness and regulatory compliance

OT Policies & Procedures

Bringing your OT processes, systems, and assets in line with industry standards

OT Risk Assessments

Identifying the sources of OT cybersecurity risk in your existing infrastructure

Swift Incident Response

Building resilience to ensure business continuity and quick disaster recovery

Network Segmentation

Defining security zones and recommending network overhauling following rigorous vulnerability analysis

Vulnerability Management

Tackling vulnerabilities that hamper the performance of your designed systems

INTECH OTCS Consultancy Spotlight

How mindshift is imperative in overcoming organizational hurdles

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How We Are Making An Impact

Project Overview: Enhancing cybersecurity posture for a major oil & gas player

Leveraging our extensive experience in OT systems, we evaluated the client’s existing security framework against NESA to gauge vulnerabilities and risk exposure of OT assets deployed at the client’s sites. Furthermore, we helped in defining procedures for isolating systems and developing rapid incident response plan to minimize data leakage. Our collaborative approach in addressing customers’ concerns, while maintaining compliance with regional standards through all project stages, helped raise their security posture to the desired level.

Oil & gas refinery

Webinars: Strategies For Securing Critical Infrastructure

Cybersecurity Framework Design: Thought Process

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Selecting Right Standards & Components
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