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Cloud and DevOps Services

Experience cloud migration, automated Infrastructure as Code (IaC) deployment, and tailored DevOps solutions to enhance efficiency and achieve success in your operations.

Cloud & Devops

Cloud Migration

Unlock the benefits of cloud computing with INTECH. We assess your systems, design the target architecture, and execute the migration, reducing costs on hardware and software.

Enjoy the flexibility of resource-based billing, scalable infrastructure, advanced security, increased availability, and simplified maintenance through our cloud-managed services.

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Development

With a multi-tenant architecture, dynamic provisioning, and rapid adaptability, we minimize manual errors and configuration drift. Enhanced documentation through configuration files ensures clear understanding and effortless maintenance.

INTECH's Capabilities in Cloud & DevOps

Cloud architecture and design

Scalable, fault-tolerant, and highly available cloud-based architectures on major platforms

Monitoring and alerting

Pro-active monitoring and alerting systems to ensure your application’s functionality

Security and compliance

Ensuring adherence to security and compliance requirements for cloud-based applications and infrastructure

DevOps consulting and training

Consultation and training services to facilitate the adoption of DevOps practices and culture

Cloud optimization

Cost, performance, and scalability optimization for cloud infrastructure and applications


Increase release frequency through automated pipelines for continuous integration

Cloud Platforms

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