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Industrial Operations

Achieve unmatched operational efficiency, productivity, and profitability through data-led transformation

Reimagining operational workflows to help you achieve higher productivity

Our smart systems put you in the driving seat

Industrial operations are critically dependent on reliable assets that are intricately connected but widely scattered, making it difficult to holistically track and measure their health and performance. Limited visibility and wearisome manual processes tend to leave gaps for inefficiencies, resulting in either maintenance cost accretion or equipment failure. Moreover, the unavailability of real time data hinders our decision-making abilities. These inefficiencies may lead to production losses and environmental damage.

At INTECH, we maximize your assets’ potential through our highly adaptable and scalable set of solutions for digital operations management, encompassing digital transformation, monitoring, management, and optimization of workflows, processes, personnel, and assets. With over 30 years in the energy industry and extensive expertise in OT, operations, and maintenance of industrial facilities, we have built a portfolio of solutions focused on improving operational efficiency and bringing out the best from your plants and facilities.

The ideal partner for your Digital Transformation journey

30+ years of experience with OT systems in the energy industry

System-agnostic solutions that can be deployed in any setup

Real-time visibility of critical assets via centralized system

Extensive repository of functions and libraries for multiple assets

Partnerships with leading technology and system vendors

Fully customizable applications with in-house development

Explore Our Solutions

We offer lasting solutions that maximizes uptime by ensuring operational continuity. Making meaningful data available readily increases visibility and reduces decision-making time, thereby allowing you to be ahead of the curve.

Condition Monitoring Systems

Enhances asset life by bracing reliability and minimizing unplanned failures

Field Operations Management

Centrally accessible system to optimize on-ground operational workflows

Asset Management Systems

Be one step ahead of systematic failures through real-time monitoring

Terminal Management

Simplifying your terminal operations through automation and subject expertise

Pipeline Leak Detection Systems

Intelligent systems to safeguard your capital and product from losses

“Thanks to INTECH for the great co‐operation & especially to the engineer assigned to us. He is a very committed guy who we can rely upon. He understands his job pretty well & comes up with unique solutions to our problems. He owns every problem thrown at him & ensures we get the best solution”

An Oil & Gas client in the Middle East

Transform remote teams into a digital workforce

How INTECH’s field operations management is revolutionizing maintenance

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