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Safeguarding your Revenue Streams through industry-leading SCADA covering instrument integration, process HMIs, device interfacing, and control applications

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Over time, plant operations see the addition of new hardware and sensors, optimization applications, and general upgrades. These additions aren’t always from the same vendor, which can make integration and visibility significant challenges. Integrators like INTECH excel at managing multiple systems to provide a coherent and user-friendly SCADA solution without incurring excessive costs


Plant SCADA highlights

Our plant SCADA solutions are reliable, have easy to use operator interfaces, and integrate with historians to capture a record of plant activities.

  • We provide rugged Remote Terminal Units & Controllers for all environments.
  • Our custom-built HMIs are intuitive to use for each application.
  • We can integrate with historians and Alarm and Event (A&E) repositories.
  • Our solutions can be integrated into any PLC, DCS, or CCR infrastructure.
  • We have customizable visualization applications with business-network reporting and analytics applications.
  • Our expertise in control systems helps us build a synergistic and comprehensive SCADA solution.

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