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Remote wellhead
control and
visibility for any

Oil and Gas exploration fields are spread out over large geographical areas, creating delays in access to information. Individual wells are isolated from each other and there is no way to visualize the entire architecture on the enterprise layer. Wellhead SCADA systems form part of the new industrial revolution by creating a digital oilfield that solves these problems for field operators

Wellhead SCADA

Wellhead SCADA highlights

Our wellhead SCADA solutions include panels and JBs, customized software, and historian capabilities to give you a comprehensive oil/gas field monitoring solution.

  • We provide rugged Remote Terminal Units & Controllers for harsh conditions.
  • Our custom-built HMIs are intuitive to use for each type of wellhead installation.
  • We can integrate with historians and Alarm and Event (A&E) repositories.
  • Our solutions can be integrated into any DCS or CCR infrastructure either directly or remotely over telecom/GPRS.
  • We have customizable visualization applications with video-wall monitoring and reporting setups.
  • As an early adopter of Industry 4.0, INTECH, our end-to-end implementation of a digital oilfield enables real-time visibility and decision support.

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Wellhead SCADA

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