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Back-to-back wins: INTECH follows up on stellar performance with landing another OT Cybersecurity project at one of the largest oil fields in Middle East

INTECH’s OT Cybersecurity division returns to the site of its previous triumph as its outstanding performance in the previous project resulted in the award of another Cybersecurity Enhancement Project for securing critical infrastructure at one of the largest oil fields in the Middle East

This project follows INTECH’s successful delivery of top-notch risk and maturity assessments, coupled with comprehensive cybersecurity roadmaps and guidelines, to help clients achieve compliance and elevate their security posture. INTECH’s commitment to excellence, adherence to project timelines, and a collaborative project management approach has built a significant trust factor, resulting in an extension of its OT Cybersecurity services to additional sites.

INTECH aims to leverage the capabilities of its seasoned professionals in providing a solution that is tailored for addressing the client’s unique challenges while fulfilling their security goals and objectives. For this project, INTECH’s OT Cybersecurity division will take a phased approach to conducting a thorough GAP assessment and high-level risk assessment along with development of a cybersecurity roadmap and a GRC program covering all critical assets spread across the awarded sites. The services will also include risk categorization, identification of mitigation strategies, drafting standard operating procedures (SOPs), mapping milestones while defining short-term and long-term goals, and critical resource allocation in terms of personnel, tools, and technologies.

About INTECH OT Cybersecurity

INTECH’s OT Cybersecurity expertise is built on deep-rooted knowledge and over 30 years of experience with complete lifecycle of OT systems design, deployment, management, and upgrades. INTECH’s multi-disciplinary teams of experts, one of the largest OT Cybersecurity teams in the region, has extensive experience on systems from leading OT system vendors and are helping some of the largest industrial organizations towards a secure digital transformation.

We can help you capture maximum advantage from enhanced connectivity by strengthening the cybersecurity posture of your critical infrastructure & industrial systems through a combination of consolidated visibility & risk management, round-the-clock anomaly & threat detection, OT Network segmentation, and OT systems & network hardening. Our global partnership with leading OT Cybersecurity firms makes sure that our solutions are deployed speedily and integrated seamlessly without any complications.

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INTECH Automation & Intelligence is a globally renowned industrial automation & digitalization technology company. For nearly 30 years we have helped major oil & gas companies resolve their most pressing issues of instrumentation, control, and electrical automation. INTECH’s diversified automation solution portfolio, technical skills, knowledge, and expertise on equipment from all major OEMs, and our asset-application specific approach to solution design are what differentiates us from a typical system integrator.

As part of our promise of helping businesses evolve in the Industry 4.0 era, we have focused on building up our expertise on Industrial IoT and related digitalization solutions. We are gradually shifting from a project-based solution provider to a partnership-based solution provider. We have started working closely with our technology and platform partners as well as clients to build long-term relationships where we work together to solve problems and provide solutions that are cost-efficient, time-efficient, and bring the best of what everyone can offer.

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