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Asset Management System

On-site and Cloud enabled, highly customizable applications for unmatched visibility into your assets and tools with both OEM and client facing component

Delivered through a team of multiple PhDs, data engineers, data scientists, & software engineers, INTECH’s Asset Management System is a centralized platform with both OEM & client facing components to ensure that all aspects of OEM management, sales, after sales, maintenance, service requests, & warranty management can be handled spotlessly with all the required & most requested information just a click away for both the client & OEM

Key Highlights

Centralized Asset Data Management

Single source for all the data related to assets delivered to clients worldwide.

Single OEM-Client Portal

All aspects of OEM-client relationship (assets/equipment sales, after sales, customer correspondence, warranty claims, service requests and personnel deployment) are handled from a single portal.

Client Facing Component

Continuously improve and enhance collaboration between OEM and client through the application’s client facing component.

Continuous Machine Connectivity

IOT integration within the portal ensures continuous machine connectivity through machine dashboard module.

Analytics Support

Client and OEM can stay on top of all critical parameters through the application’s advanced analytics support.

Streamlined and Digitalized Procurement

Making the procurement process smarter through auto orders, smart recommendations, and complete view of OEM inventory.

OEM-Client IT Integration

Seamless integration between IT landscapes of OEM as well as client.

AR/VR enabled Remote Services

Real time video collaboration between customer and OEM experts for maintenance activities, consultation, and training.

Salient Application Features

Plant Digital Twin

Complete Digital Library

Of all assets manufactured by OEM

Single Source of Data

For end customer of all their machines

3D Visualization

Of the customer’s system and machine design

Seamless Onboarding

Of new assets/machines on the portal

Seamless Onboarding

Of new assets/machines on the portal

Invite Users

With role definition and authorization level

Plant and machine insights

Custom IOT Integration

To cover all OEM specific assets of customers

Machine specific Notification & Alerts

To enable proactive decision making

Machine Dashboard Module

For continuous connectivity and monitoring of machines

Continuous Machine Performance Analysis

Real-time analysis based on KPIs

Smart AI Enabled Services

Anomaly Detection

Detection of anomalous process conditions and behavior through AI models

Process Quality Benchmarking

Through Golden Batch definition and calculation of deviation from ideal process

Enhancing Plant Availability

Through fault prediction and digital root cause analysis

Predictive Quality

Through multivariate process parameters

Condition-based Monitoring

Of critical assets to calculate the remaining useful life


Maintenance Activity Management

Through OEM recommended maintenance practices/regimes

One Touch Access

To maintenance guidelines, FAQs

Custom Maintenance

Activity log for breakdown events

Work Order Management

Work order/Work request creation and assignment

Customer Care

Query Management System

To enhance and improve collaboration between OEM and customer

OEM Promotions

For staying in touch with highlights, product promotions and offers

OEM Service Request System

For fast request processing and get in touch with the right people instantly

Subscription Plans

Management and different level of access based on various subscription plans

OEM knowledge Base Access

To clients worldwide for capitalizing on prior experience and lessons-learnt

Remote Service

Video Collaboration

AR enabled real time video collaboration between customer and OEM experts

Smart Maintenance

Through live collaboration with OEM

Customer Training

AR/VR enabled training of customer personnel by OEM experts

Continuous Record Management

Of all OEM-Client interactions


Smart Procurement

Through single click search for the right parts from Plant’s Digital twin models

Auto Order

Of parts as per OEM recommended service hours

Exploded Views of the Machine

To identify the parts for smart ordering and procurement

Smart Recommendations

Based on customer procurement behavior

Complete View of OEM’s Inventory

Enhancing visibility for better control over your orders

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