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Field Operations Management

Digitalized and fully integrated field services management software for improved visibility, efficiency, and safety

Field and shift operations tend to be plagued with inefficiencies arising from poor communication, limited visibility, and tedious paperwork. The digitalization of business processes lies at the heart of Industry 4.0 and has the potential to greatly improve field and shift operations by defining leaner workflows for work orders and instructions, assigning accountability, improving visibility, and increasing safety. Our application for field service operations management helps you optimize work efficiency and increase safety greatly

Key Highlights

Complete Digitalization

With data from legacy and existing systems we evaluate the digitalization gap and ensure DT without disrupting any information channels.

Bespoke Workflow Engine

Accommodating even the most granular vertical and horizontal integrations, our software engine can rapidly deliver solutions exclusively tailored to you.

Work Instruction and Work Templates

Fully integrated downloadable instructions with every work order; build an extensive library of templates defined by your organization and best practices.

Operations Execution management

Utilize an operations support ecosystem with detailed work instructions, documentation, monitoring, and auditing to drive efficient task completion.

Centralized Knowledge Management

Collect work order data like execution details, debriefing, and operator knowledge for real-time collaboration, training, and work improvements.

Decision Support & Advance Analytics

Decision support dashboards on work-order and job statuses with operations planning & scheduling for increased safety and efficiency.

Continuous Support and lifecycle management

Supporting your deployment through feature improvements that evolve with your business; all documented with a management of change framework.

Integration with HSE Management Systems

Improve personnel safety by integrating HSE systems to document, monitor, and guide teams on safe practices, record incidents, and provide alerts.

Salient Application Features

Operational & Administrative

Improved visibility & accountability

Work Order Creation

Linked to ERP/CMMS systems with two-way integration

Roles Management

For multiple teams, departments, and hierarchal roles

Multiple Creators of WO

Field Operators, Plant Personnel, Reliability, Maintenance Planners etc.


For field services planning and approvals


Of field technicians and operators based on jobs in execution

Outage monitoring

Of transmission and production outages across regions


Safety never takes a break!

Application Integration

For safe work order execution

Safety Plans

Integrated into instructions for safe field operations


Based on learnings from jobs and centralized job safety docs

Safety Documents

For safe job execution and completion

Coordinated Switching

Collaborative execution of switching programs


Working smartly through a powerful feature set

Digital Twin

For equipment and assets with hierarchies

Multiple Integrations

With ERP, CMMS, SCADA,  historians etc.

Smart Outage Planning

Assisted by production analytics and demand forecasting

Analytics Dashboards

With analytics-driven insights for improving operations efficiency

Role-based Dashboards

And forms for continuous improvement

Mobile Application

Multi-platform secure mobile applications for all roles

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