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Terminal Management

Automating fuel and crude terminals with gantry systems, batch management, access control, and business/ERP integration

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Terminals are a complex environment of batch processes, custody transfers, tank gauging, safety, and fire risks as well as having the potential for access and security issues. They need process control and safety expertise, fire and gas protection, access control security solutions as well as integration with ERP systems. INTECH has the expertise and domain knowledge to automate your terminals

INTECH Terminal Management highlights

INTECH is a one-stop shop for the Oil and Gas industry with 25-years of experience in providing custom solutions. Our terminal management expertise covers all aspects of terminal automation and operations.

  • Our process and safety control systems incorporate all terminal processes and access control systems.
  • We provide gantry systems from leading manufacturers fully integrated with the batch controller.
  • Our tank gauging solutions help with reconciliation and batch verification.
  • We also cover fire and gas systems, perimeter security, and CCTV.
  • Our billing systems are fully integrated with ERPs for tank entry and dispatching.
  • Our solutions take into account the need for real-time dashboards on facility performance and the ability to access enterprise reports on-site and remotely.

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Terminal Management

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