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Industrial Analytics

Analytics Applications

Integrate IT and OT operations with data-driven insights for informed choices with our customizable analytics applications

Real-Time, Self-Service Analytics with AI-Embedded Capabilities

A radially available software solution that provides real-time insights to improve operational performance and efficiency. INTECH offers self-service analytics capabilities, allowing users to visualize time-series-based data in real time without requiring IT or data scientist support. With AI-embedded capacity and algorithm design capabilities, Intech is a trusted partner for leading analytic software-providing companies, offering advanced analytics support and guidance to clients

INTECH's cutting edge Analytical Application Solutions

Our Analytics Applications are web-based self-service analytics solutions that provide real-time collaboration and informed decision-making capabilities through industry-leading technology. Here are some key features that differentiate these applications:

Advanced data analytics

Get valuable insights with our robust data analytics solution. Identify trends and patterns to make informed decisions and optimize your equipment and procedures

Real time data collaboration

Collaborate with your team in real time, make informed decisions on-the-go, and enhance communication, while reducing downtime and optimizing productivity

Reports and dashboards

Our reporting and dashboard capabilities offer big-picture visualizations enabling data-driven decision-making through trend and pattern identification

Predictive/Prescriptive analyses

Enhance equipment performance, reduce downtime, optimize maintenance schedules, identify areas for improvement, and achieve operational excellence

Improve decision making

Enhance efficiency and decision-making with streamlined data access and analysis, reduced waste, improved equipment effectiveness, and informed decisions

Work on the go

Enable users worldwide to stay connected and work on the go, accessing expert support, data, and insights from anywhere to enhance productivity and performance

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Self-Service Predictive Analytics

Manufacturing companies are always looking for ways to improve their overall processes and operations which can increase their profitability. They hire data scientists or take support from IT to analyze data and optimize processes resulting in increased costs and resource bottlenecks.

Our services help your experts in identifying bottlenecks, monitoring assets’ performance, and solving production and performance problems without engaging additional resources. Partnered with state of art self-service analytics platforms, our domain expertise helps you get the fastest deployment for applications that provide analytics most relevant to your organization and industrial context.


  • Process Upset Prediction
  • Integrated Root Cause Analysis
  • Predictive Equipment Diagnostics
  • Operating Envelop Tracking
  • Prescriptive Analytics

Replace your conventional excel methods with INTECH's cutting-edge analytic application solution

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