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Industrial Data Management Solutions

Data Infrastructure

Tailored data solutions to optimize operational efficiency, reduce downtime, and improve overall performance

Leading the Way in Industry 4.0 with Data Infrastructure Solutions

The foundation of Industry 4.0 lies in the complete digitalization of all data points, from the historian records at the DCS level to manual operator logs and daily production reports in excel. INTECH has the ability to create a strong digital infrastructure by leveraging our extensive experience with Operational Technology (OT) systems such as DCS, process and safety controls, SCADA networks, and historians. Our expertise in IT systems, along with a wide OT-IT portfolio, ensures a safe, reliable, and robust digital infrastructure.

Need a data management solution to improve efficiency?

We provide scalable and flexible database solutions for streamlined data management. Our customized data transformation and efficient data cleanup services ensure seamless data operations for your business.

Data warehousing

We provide highly scalable databases, with easy access to stored data – allowing for efficient management and retrieval, and adaptability to changing data needs.

Data transformation

Our tailored transformation services use efficient ETL functions to convert data from multiple sources into scalable data sets, saving time & resources

Data cleanup

Our on-demand data cleanup service eliminates data errors and inconsistencies – including duplication and formatting – with fast, efficient, and effective results

Empowering Industry 4.0 with seamless data integration and advanced visualization tools

Integrated Decision Support System

Data Integration & Analytics

Industry 4.0 is all about automation and has had a significant impact on the industries around the world, reinventing their processes and products. As companies adopt new technologies, machines can capture and transmit more data through machine-to-machine communications, this in turn helps oil & gas and utility companies to make smarter decisions more quickly.

Our services give you visibility of the overall operations while our analytics help you in making decisions based on your KPIs. A central dashboard with an integrated geo-analytics tool assists you in carrying out detailed analyses.


  • Operational Performance Monitoring
  • Maintenance KPIs Monitoring
  • Energy KPIs Monitoring
  • Material Management Monitoring
  • Projects Performance Monitoring

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