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Field Operations Management System – A digitalized approach towards managing your field operations

Field operations, in general, involve a series of activities your workforce conducts in a location where your field equipment is installed. Most of these activities address the maintenance needs of the equipment. Maintenance typically involves a wide range of activities such as repairing, servicing, or replacing the malfunctioning parts of the field equipment, periodically inspecting the field assets, as well as carrying out planned activities to keep the machinery in a running condition.

Executing such processes commonly involve managing roles and assigning tasks to the teams deployed on the field, monitoring the work progress, and addressing any improvement needs. When critical maintenance tasks are being carried out on a field, certainly better coordination and greater visibility become crucial aspects of the whole system.

Traditional methods employed to manage field activities do not meet the high productivity criteria of today’s world. This is because manual effort is involved in managing work orders and schedules for the field work which could lead to too many redundant tasks, take up extra time, or increase the chances of errors. Moreover, insufficient facilities are available to the teams deployed on the field to establish an effective two-way communication. As a result, sharing of important information and necessary feedback is delayed. Such inefficiencies negatively impact the visibility and progress of the overall maintenance process.

Field operations management can end up utilizing a great deal of time and effort without a standardized system in order and constant visibility of the activities being carried out, which in turn could substantially impact your targeted results. Therefore, it is crucial to focus on employing an optimized solution, as an effective management strategy, to maintain your required productivity level.

In today’s world, rapid digitalization is revolutionizing the businesses and management processes. This means, if digitalized, your maintenance process on the field could significantly benefit from enhanced visibility, effective monitoring of the field activities, as well as the advanced management tools, which could come in handy for tracking the status of multiple activities being carried out in the field.

Generally, field operations management systems offer multiple features to its users, enabling timely execution of the required activities. This includes an ERP/CMMS integrated system, which provides a consolidated platform for generating work orders, assigning roles, monitoring progress, providing detailed work and safety instructions, and collaborating using real-time data. Availability of an analytics dashboard further assists you in addressing your improvement needs. These capabilities are further strengthened by the provision of mobile-based applications, therefore facilitating greater efficiency.

Benefits of digitalizing field operations management:

  • Automated scheduling and work orders– a useful provision that could save employees and managers the hassle of physically performing time-consuming activities as these could be conveniently digitalized.
  • Enhanced productivity– optimization of field processes could result in the elimination of unwanted errors, unnecessary rework, and interruptions. With a smoothly operating system, results could be achieved at a quicker pace.
  • Greater visibility and transparency– with a greater ability to constantly monitor, improve, and track the progress of the system, a better visibility and transparency level could be accomplished. Any disruptions, like production outages, could be addressed before the problem intensifies.
  • Better communication and collaboration- digitalization of operational activities could help teams coordinate and collaborate effectively.
  • Real-time data monitoring– Availability of real-time data can assist you in planning timely actions and taking effective decision.
  • Mobile applications– mobile phone applications could provide you with on-the-spot data, a quick access to important details, and facilitate greater engagement.
  • Ensuring safety– while you digitally transform your field operations, keeping safety of the process execution in loop is extremely crucial. Incorporated into the work instructions, safety plans and documented procedures could equip you with the ability to safely execute your operations.

Field operations management systems provide you with a consolidated view of roles, team schedules, and production analytics which enhances your decision-making capability and helps run operations smoothly. With this system in place, you can view real-time information and take timely actions to maximize productivity.

An optimized solution can help you enhance your ability to plan and organize your operations time and cost effectively. Equipping your system with latest technological tools can significantly speed up your field processes and digitalize your overall management experience.

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