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INTECH completes FAT of automation & safety systems for new manifolds at a major oil field in Bahrain

INTECH has just completed the FAT of process automation and safety systems at INTECH’s JAFZA manufacturing facility. These systems are built to automate two new well manifolds for an oil & gas company in Bahrain; these manifolds will accommodate 200 new wells out of 300 total new wells being drilled as part of the field operator’s field development project.

The new manifold facilities are equipped with 2-phase production separators, production and test header modules, test separators, and produced liquid pumps and buffer tanks among associated utilities.

INTECH was awarded the MAC scope for design, engineering, manufacturing, configuration, FAT, and installation and site works for process control and safety systems at the two new manifold facilities. INTECH will also be covering the integration of these systems with the field’s existing control and monitoring infrastructure and third-party systems.

As a platinum integration partner with Rockwell Automation, INTECH is able to meet the customer’s strict requirements of direct aftersales support for 10 years and lifecycle support for 20 years for the supplied systems.

This project is among the tens of MAC-scope projects INTECH has completed in 2023, delivering DCS, PCS, and supporting safety and monitoring systems to facilities like DAC in the USA to offshore platforms in West Africa, and oilfields in the Middle East.

About INTECH’s Integrated Control Systems (ICS) Solutions

INTECH’s Integrated Control Systems offer a complete array of vendor-neutral control automation and integration solutions ranging from basic Process Control, Safety, F&G, and Power Management applications to data networks, site security, instrument management, and fully integrated control and safety systems. Our third-party start-up and commissioning services ensure minimum downtime and accelerated glitch-free execution. INTECH’s ICS is a “One-Stop Automation Solution” that improves plant safety, reliability, and efficiency while lowering costs and increasing returns.

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INTECH Automation & Intelligence is a globally renowned industrial automation & digitalization technology company. For nearly 30 years we have helped major oil & gas companies resolve their most pressing issues of instrumentation, control, and electrical automation. INTECH’s diversified automation solution portfolio, technical skills, knowledge, and expertise on equipment from all major OEMs, and our asset-application specific approach to solution design are what differentiates us from a typical system integrator.

As part of our promise of helping businesses evolve in the Industry 4.0 era, we have focused on building up our expertise on Industrial IoT and related digitalization solutions. We are gradually shifting from a project-based solution provider to a partnership-based solution provider. We have started working closely with our technology and platform partners as well as clients to build long-term relationships where we work together to solve problems and provide solutions that are cost-efficient, time-efficient, and bring the best of what everyone can offer.

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