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INTECH instrumental in providing electric power to far away villages in Rwanda

In Lake Kivu on the border between the Republic of Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo, some 300,000 m3 of dissolved carbon dioxide and 50,000 – 60,000 m3 of methane gas is accumulated and trapped at significant depth in the lake.

The customer was setting up a barge based gas extraction facility and an export pipeline from the barge to the shore. The barge contained the bulk of the equipment that will lift, separate, and process the gas dissolved in the deep waters off Lake Kivu. The location for the offshore facilities is approximately 13 km from the shore in 355 meters of water.

INTECH was called in due to its excellent track record of completing over 100 major upstream Oil & Gas automation projects for the top ten Exploration and Production companies globally. INTECH design philosophy is based on a vendor neutral, best fit automation solution approach to ensure safe, efficient and compliant operations.

INTECH’s Scope of work included the following:

  1. Engineering,Design and Supply of Process Control System (PCS)
  2. Engineering, Design and Supply of Emergency Shutdown System (ESD)
  3. Engineering, Design and Supply of Fire & Gas System (F&G)
  4. Process Instrumentation & Documentation
  5. Third party data integration with PCS system
  6. Control Room & Workshop construction and Project Management services

INTECH chose hardware that was best fit for customer needs & requirements. The system delivered was designed keeping in view the specific international safety, compliance and operational excellence standards specific to a gas processing facility.

This project will be key in providing electric power to remote villages in Rwanda.


INTECH’s Integrated Control Systems offer a complete array of vendor neutral control automation and integration solutions ranging from basic Process Control, Safety, F&G and Power Management applications to data networks, site security, instrument management and fully integrated control and safety systems. Our third party start-up and commissioning services ensure minimum downtime and accelerated glitch-free execution. INTECH’s ICS is a “One-Stop Automation Solution” that improves plant safety, reliability and efficiency while lowering costs and increasing returns.

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INTECH Process Automation Inc. is an international Control Systems engineering and Systems Integration company delivering reliable automation solutions to the Oil & Gas sector since 1991. INTECH has done projects in 31 countries across 6 continents with regional offices in 13 countries, equipping it with 2000+ engineering man-years of experience. INTECH’s vendor-neutral approach and extensive experience help serve both regional and global customers with the highest standards of quality and reliability.

INTECH covers all traditional asset classes (upstream, midstream & downstream) as well as shale and buoy automation. Its wide range of solutions covers traditional control system automation as well as hydraulic (surface and sub-surface) control system automation and advanced software solutions for operations and asset management. Customers benefit from INTECH’s lump-sum turnkey solutions to save costs and increase plant productivity.

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