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INTECH selected to help rationalize alarms and assist in alarm management at a major petrochemical plant in Saudi Arabia

INTECH Process Automation has been selected to carry out an alarm management and rationalization study using custom-made software and implementation of rationalized alarms at a major petrochemical plant in Saudi Arabia.

INTECH is a recognized name in Saudi Arabia and has been serving the region for over two decades. INTECH’s expertise in control and automation solutions for petrochemical plants takes major strength from its projects in Saudi Arabia and is part of the reason why INTECH was chosen for this project.

The end user for this project is a major petrochemical player in the region and has credible work history with INTECH. The petrochemical plant in question was established in the 90’s. At the time of this project, it suffered from significant alarm clutter and INTECH stepped up to rationalize and reduce these alarms to manageable levels.

The scope of work for INTECH on this project covers:

  • Deliver alarm rationalization software customizable to end user guidelines, ISA 18.2, and EEMUA
  • Revamp existing alarm philosophy based on the installed DCS at the facility
  • Collect data, establish a baseline for benchmarking, and publish an existing alarm system assessment report
  • Perform bad actor analyses, collect alarm configurations and perform the rationalization
  • Conduct an on-site workshop on alarm rationalization
  • Implementation of finalized master alarms database in the DCS

About INTECH Advanced Software Solutions

INTECH offers consultancy solutions (consultancy, algorithms, technology) targeting operations, production & maintenance to discover hidden efficiencies in plants’ operating envelope. Working together with the customers, INTECH helps get more out of people, processes, and technology. INTECH’s partners are directly involved with, and influence the development of virtually all industry recognized alarm management standards and other influential documents, including the ISA-18.2 standard, the API-RP-1167 recommended practice, and the EEMUA 191 guideline document.

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INTECH Process Automation Inc. is an international Control Systems engineering and Systems Integration company delivering reliable automation solutions to the Oil & Gas sector since 1991. INTECH has done projects in 31 countries across 6 continents with regional offices in 13 countries, equipping it with 2000+ engineering man-years of experience. INTECH’s vendor-neutral approach and extensive experience help serve both regional and global customers with the highest standards of quality and reliability.

INTECH covers all traditional asset classes (upstream, midstream & downstream) as well as shale and buoy automation. Its wide range of solutions covers traditional control system automation as well as hydraulic (surface and sub-surface) control system automation and advanced software solutions for operations and asset management. Customers benefit from INTECH’s lump-sum turnkey solutions to save costs and increase plant productivity.

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