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INTECH to spearhead a major automation endeavor at one of the biggest oil fields in Iraqi Kurdistan

INTECH will spearhead a major automation effort at one of the biggest oil fields in Iraqi Kurdistan after being approached by a major regional oil and gas company.

INTECH has been serving the Iraqi oil and gas market since 2005 and is an approved system Integrator with state organizations as well as other local and multinational companies operating in Iraq. INTECH has an excellent business record in the region and a history of successful projects with major global oil and gas companies. INTECH’s solution and impressive project references led the client to choose INTECH for taking charge of the automation effort.

INTECH will provide services for the complete design, engineering and supply of integrated control and safety system (ICSS) & prefabricated containerized substation & control room for the end user. INTECH’s solution will provide the desired scalability and flexibility to the constantly evolving client needs and will ensure enhanced control and safety processes.

INTECH’s scope covers the following:

  • Complete design, supply & configuration of Process Control System (PCS).
  • Complete design, supply & configuration of Combine safety system (ESD and F&G).
  • Prefabricated Containerized Substation & Control Room
  • On-site Installation and Commissioning Services.

INTECH will mobilize its resources in Iraq and UAE for this project while INTECH’s offices in Erbil will serve as the lead execution office for this project.

About INTECH’s Integrated Control Systems (ICS) Solutions

INTECH’s Integrated Control Systems offer a complete array of vendor neutral control automation and integration solutions ranging from basic Process Control, Safety, F&G and Power Management applications to data networks, site security, instrument management and fully integrated control and safety systems. Our third party start-up and commissioning services ensure minimum downtime and accelerated glitch-free execution. INTECH’s ICS is a “One-Stop Automation Solution” that improves plant safety, reliability and efficiency while lowering costs and increasing returns.

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INTECH Process Automation Inc. is an international Control Systems engineering and Systems Integration company delivering reliable automation solutions to the Oil & Gas sector since 1991. INTECH has done projects in 31 countries across 6 continents with regional offices in 13 countries, equipping it with 2000+ engineering man-years of experience. INTECH’s vendor-neutral approach and extensive experience help serve both regional and global customers with the highest standards of quality and reliability.

INTECH covers all traditional asset classes (upstream, midstream & downstream) as well as shale and buoy automation. Its wide range of solutions covers traditional control system automation as well as hydraulic (surface and sub-surface) control system automation and advanced software solutions for operations and asset management. Customers benefit from INTECH’s lump-sum turnkey solutions to save costs and increase plant productivity.

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